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    July 31, 2012
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    July 31, 2012
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 Teaching Tree Chore Charts, 25-ct. Packs
Teaching Tree Chore Charts, 25-ct. Packs
No more arguing over who’s job is was to take out the trash! These chore charts are great for use at home and in the classroom to keep the kids on track with what tasks they need to be taking care of. They can even be used in restaurants and shops to keep track of side work. Case includes 36 – 25-ct. packs of Teaching Tree™ 8½x11" chore charts assorted among the 4 styles shown.
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5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Jose
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Decade born: 1980-1989
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Date:July 31, 2012
Very useful!!!!!
I love these charts for my students at school. They encourage my students to work hard and motivates them. It's a useful tool for the classroom, especially for homework!!