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    July 25, 2012
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    July 25, 2012
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 3 Pk Original Super Glue - Gel
3 Pk Original Super Glue - Gel
Better Quality! Better Value!. The original super glue with no runs, no drips. Cures quickly! Instantly bonds to metal, aluminum, rubber, most plastics, ceramics and much more! Case includes 48 - 3-Pk tubes of Super Glue.
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5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Gender: Female
Decade born: 1980-1989
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Date:July 25, 2012
Best glue ever!!
This is the best super glue that I have ever purchased! Like the description says it can really be used on anything! I've used it on glass chess pieces, wood, cat toys, & even paper! Does a great job on all surfaces! Dries clear, doesn't soak through, and holds amazingly! Makes whatever your working on like new again! Great product for all uses!!